Frequently Asked Questions

The supply voltage is 240VAC what is the OUTPUT voltage?

It depends on the solenoid valves used. The voltage and the power (in watts W) is marked on the solenoid.

The solenoid voltage matches the output voltage but the valve does NOT pulse with compressed air connected?

Check that the solenoid power is between 16 to 24W

All tubes are connected to the pilot valves and they leak air.

Make sure that the tubes are connected to the correct valve INPUT

The pulsing has halted although it is in Manual mode

In Manual mode the pulsing can be HALTED or PULSING. Also check that the Clean Up (Blow down) is NOT on. If Clean Up is not activated then a link must be in place between the Clean terminal block.

The system is in AUTO mode but does not pulse

Check that the DP is above the high level and check that the connections to the DP bulkhead are not inverted.

The system has a master and one Extender board and the valve fault is on though all valves are pulsing correctly.

Make sure that the Master common and the Extender common are NOT linked.

System powers up correctly but resets when the first valve is pulsed

Check that the supply voltage is connected to the correct terminals

How do I set up the timer?

download the pdf file under Program Settings