Custom Control Applications

Many industrial processes require unique process monitoring and control solutions to manage and maintain operational efficiencies or fulfil regulatory and enviromental oblications. PTronik harnesses its skills and expertise in industrial process engineering to design and develop customised solutions for a broad range of industrial applications.

PTronik custom control products include Manuals with detailed information on Installation, Programming and Technical Drawings. Our Engineers will work closely with you to ensure your specifications are met with smart control systems. PTronik offers ongoing customer service support.

PTronik can incorporate Variable Speed Dive (VSD), Soft Starter or Star Delta to ensure optimal efficiency at the right price.

Custom Control Applications that are linked to various types of Dust Collection include:

  • Abrasive Blasting Control
  • Fan Shaker Control
  • Gas Turbine Air Filtration
  • Reverse Flow Control
  • Electrostatic Precipitator - Rapper Control
  • Multi-Chamber and Multi Pulse Dust Collector Control
  • Mobile Dust Collectors
  • Floor Sanding Dust Control
  • Extreme Enviromental Conditions

Other Specialist Applications that PTronik have engineered include:

  • Spray Booth Control
  • Abrasive Blasting Safety Control
  • Control of Oxygen levels for High Altitude training in Fitness Centres
  • Control of Special Effects for movies such as WOLVERINE
  • Control of Motor vehicles and Braking systems
  • Battery system for Hazardous Underground Mining Area
  • medical Equipment Control Systems

To discuss a specific application please contact or call +61 2 45789611.