Extension Board

In order to increase the number of outputs on a Controller or Timer, an EXTENSION BOARD can be added to any E series master controller. Each Extension board has 10 outputs.
Extension Boards can be added as follows:

  • E6 - add 1 Extension board for up to 16 outputs
  • E10, ECO - add up to 4 Extension boards for 50 outputs
  • pMC - add up to 24 Extension boards for up to 250 outputs
All Extension boards are linked with a CAT5 cable in a daisy chain format.
The Extension boards can be fitted in the same enclosure as the master controller. However, if the Extension boards are mounted in separate enclosures and placed close to the pulse valves, then onsite installation wiring will be reduced plus maintenance functions can be inspected from the ground level Master control board.

Product brochure
Quick Install

10 outputs 24DC, other voltages available on request.

10 outputs 90-240VAC, other voltages available on request.

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