Smart Options

PTronik's range of high performance controllers provide inbuilt PLC capabilities to accurately measure in real time the performance of a dust collection installation and based on those measurements manage the number of pulse cleaning cycles required to optimize bag-house productivity. By using sensors or email alerts, significant savings in maintenance hours can be achieved.

Alert to email facility - Save maintence hours by identifying faults immediately

The pMC range features "Real time Alarm" sent to any email, smart phone, tablet. This is achieved without internet security issues. Choose sensor events to trigger an alert such as Broken Bag Detection, High Differential Pressure, High Temperature, etc.

The pMCa is a great economical option if you do not need Remote functions or data logging.

Modbus Communications - Save mainetence costs by using Control Room monitoring

The E-series controllers ( E6, E10, ECO, pMC ) have the facility to use Internet connectivity Modbus RTU or TCP/IP.

Broken Bag Detection - Save by avoiding potential EPA fines

The E-series controllers ( E6, E10, ECO, pMC ) have the facility to use a Dust Sensor in order to detect where the dust leak occurred. The exact row of the filter dust leak can be identified. This simple and affordable technology is now available for all reverse pulse dust collectors.

Filter State Tracking (FST) - Save on Filter replacements

The patented Filter State Tracking is available with a pMC Controller. The most important element of the innovation is that by continuously tracking and collecting data describing the ongoing operational state of the filters in a Dust Collector, sophisticated algorithms are employed to continuously and automatically change the cleaning regime in real time. FST will significantly reduce the need to change filters as well as extending filter life at an optimal level.

Financial benefits

The pMC and ECO on-demand Controllers deliver significant financial benefits including:

  • Significant reductions in plant maintenance costs with the many simple to use in-built maintenance functions
  • Extended filter life of up to 30% with FST
  • Reductions in energy costs of 40-70% be reducing Compressed air leakage
  • Reductions in CO2 emissions of 30-50% by real-time dust leak alerts
  • Increased plant 'up time' with fewer cleaning cycles interrupting operations

To discuss a specific application please contact Sales at PTronik or call +61 2 45789611.