Rio Tinto

Bag Filter Up-grade Project.Supply of the Ptronik PMC Pulse Controller.
Dear Robert
We are writing to thank you for your efforts in the supply of the PMC controller for the above contract and in-particular the quality of the product and the professional manner in which your staff assisted HVAC during the compressed delivery period.Our client has also expressed his gratitude and is looking forward to the cost savings through the compressed air management function.
Rio Tinto selected your PMC Controller, above others, due to the ease of set-up, robust construction,proven reliability, data logging capabilities and the ability to integrate with their SCADA controls systems.
We are pleased recommend Ptronik and PMC Controller to any customer and you can look forward to our continuing support.
Don Bremner HVAC Environmental – Manager
Donaldson Australasia

Attention:- Mr.Robert Bosshard
SUBJECT: New PMC dust collector controller.
As you aware we have already site tested a few PMC controllers with the oldest one in operation since 2008. We have been able to appreciate all the valuable features that this unit does offer such as:
  • Compactness compared to other units
  • The very friendly graphic on the display convenient to read, set up and follow
  • The energy savings resulting from the On Demand function
  • The data logging giving great opportunities for tracking past issues and troubleshooting
  • The feedback facilitating service and maintenance
  • Transmitting remotely the data allows collecting all the critical information on a centralized location as to react/rectify any deviations very quickly
  • This controller innovative design will well contribute to enhance the dust collection industry to a safer,better controlled environment associated with efficiency and reliab
    Allied Mills

    To Robert Bosshard Ptronik Pty Ltd, The PTronik pMC
    Just a brief note to let you guys know how our new pMC controller is going.
    After installing the unit we noticed instantly we had been wasting air and lots of it for years, the controller has worked out we only need to pulse the socks rarely instead of every 30seconds.
    The costs savings in air alone is massive and will pay for itself in no time at all. Also with the socks only needing pulsing when required it will dramatically increase the sock life which is another huge cost saving. The data logging has proved this to be true, this is clearly designed to provide improved efficiency and reliability.
    We look forward to installing more of these new units on our dust collectors in the future.
    Best regards
    Michael Sheather|Maintenance Supervisor| Allied Mills
    Mideco Dust Control

    Dear Robert,
    We have been using the PTronik range of timers and controllers for many years and have now used your new pMC controllers in the field
    We have been able to provide our customers with the energy savings provided by the pulse on demand system within the pMC. Our installers and service crew have found the pMC to be easy to install and configure.
    When designing we enjoy the flexibility of configuring the unit in either a consolidated cabinet or by locating the main head unit at ground level while leaving the bulk of the wiring in the vicinity of the valves and other filter fittings. This enables the service and maintenance personnel to monitor the filter without the need to leave ground level.
    We are yet to use the full capabilities of the pMC but are exploring the extensive new possibilities available within the pMC product range. With each project we see new opportunities to use the pMC to add value to our products.
    Shane Steer|General Manager