Timers and Controllers for Dust Collectors

Sequential Timers

To drive Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collectors, a broad range of programmable, sequential timers are stocked ready for prompt delivery.

The timers drive from 1 to 250 solenoid valves and are available in a range of voltages.

The new E6 and E10 timers have smart maintenance features with optional Modbus Connectivity.

On Demand Controller

Where most baghouse Dust Collectors rely on pulse cleaning processes to maintain plant efficiency, PTronik high performance On Demand Controllers accurately measure the Differential Pressure and automatically manage the number of pulse cleaning cycles required to optimize filter life.

The ECO On Demand Controller with differential Pressure inputs has smart control features with up to 4 inputs for sensors.

Monitor, Alarm and Remote Control

The pMC Dust Collector management system utilizes smart software and the "Internet of Things" to improve energy efficiency, reduce air pollution and provide cost efficient maintenance with benefits of significant improvements to industrial production costs.

The patented Filter State Tracking, utilized on the pMC, continuously collects data that is used to analyse the operational state of the Dust Collector and automatically change the cleaning regime in real time. Significant savings in filter life and production costs are achieved.